Tutorials: How to Lend Using the Atlendis Protocol

Pool History, Status and Credit Evaluation

On each pool page, you are able to use the “Pool History” tab to access the history of the borrowing actions and the evolution of the pool TVL, the “Governance History” and the “Allowed Borrowing Address.”

The “Pool History” shows all of the actions taken by the borrower. For example, you can see how much they have borrowed, repaid, etc. 

Let’s dive deeper within the dApp and see how the status of the pools is working. Each status has a dedicated color that allows you to understand the state of the pool.

  • Blue is open, which means that you can deposit funds, and borrowers can take out a loan at any time.
  • Pink is being borrowed, which means that matched positions are locked until repayment, and new deposits will be in pending state, and included into the pool after repayment.
  • Green is cool down, meaning that the borrower cannot take out another loan while the pool is in this state.
  • Orange is repayment.
  • Red is overdue, which means that the borrower missed the repayment window, and is paying late repay fees to the liquidity providers.
  • Gray is closed which means that the pool has been retired, deposits and borrows are deactivated, and you can withdraw funds.

It is very important to check the status of the pool before making a deposit. 

Another important detail regarding borrowers’ early repayment option. If you see a mention “Early Repay Activated” under the name of the pool, pay special attention, as this means that the borrower is allowed to repay their loan in advance, which can impact the return.

Regarding borrowers creditworthiness, the Atlendis whitelisting process consists in a thorough due diligence of borrowers by X-Margin. The credit evaluation that results from X-Margin’s evaluation will be displayed on the Atlendis protocol, continuously updated with live data. X-Margin’s credit evaluation will reduce the inherent risk of DeFi lending by providing greater visibility to lenders using the Atlendis protocol.

This table provided by X-Margin shows the equivalence between credit rating and score. More information on X-Margin’s credit evaluation can be found here.

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