Tutorials: How to Lend Using the Atlendis Protocol

Sell Your Position

If your funds are currently locked, but you would like to exit the pool, you have the possibility to sell your position while the funds are being borrowed. Your position consists of an NFT that can be sold on the secondary market.

It is not possible to sell your position via the Atlendis dApp, however, you can sell your position on your own using an NFT marketplace that will accept it, such as opensea.io or rarible.com.

To get started, go to “My dashboard” and select “Manage” then click “Sell Position.”  

In the “Sell Position” section, you can select your position in order to see a summary of your position that is currently being borrowed. This information can be helpful for you to decide whether to sell your position or not, and what price you should choose for it. Please note that all positions on the Atlendis protocol are part of the same NFT collection, so two positions can be from different pools and/or include different assets.

Note that if your funds are not currently being borrowed, your position will not appear in the “Sell Position” tab, and you should withdraw your assets using the “Withdraw” tab. 

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