Tutorials: How to Lend Using the Atlendis Protocol

Change Your Rate

If the rate you originally chose for your position is too high, borrowers might not match your position in a loan very often. Therefore, you may want to lower your lending rate. In these cases, you can choose to change your rate. This is possible only if your funds are not currently being borrowed.

If you would like to change your rate, go to “My dashboard” and select the position that you would like to change. Click “Manage” then select “Change Position.”

Next, choose the position with the rate you would like to change under “Select the Rate to Change.” A pink line will appear in the order book that shows your current rate. 

Select your new rate for this position under “Select Your New Rate,” and a green line will appear showing your new selection in the order book. You can see the variations on your previous rate and your new selection in the metrics below.

Then click “Change Rate” to change your rate. Your wallet will prompt a confirmation, and once the transaction is completed, a confirmation will pop up on the dApp with a link to your transaction on the blockchain explorer.

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