Tutorials: How to Lend Using the Atlendis Protocol

Withdraw Your Funds

For Lenders who want to withdraw their position when it is not currently being borrowed, from the homepage of the dApp at app.atlendis.io, go to “my dashboard,” and select the position you would like to withdraw.

Click “manage” and then select “withdraw position.” You will be directed to the pool page, and you will see that you can have multiple positions in the same pool.

The position you choose in the dashboard is directly preselected in the withdrawal form. However, you can still decide to choose another position to withdraw.

You can check the summary of your position and then click “Confirm Withdrawal.” Your wallet will prompt a confirmation, and once the transaction is completed, your funds will be deposited into your wallet and a confirmation will pop up on the dApp, with a link to your transaction on the blockchain explorer.

Additional Resources

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