Tutorials: How to Lend Using the Atlendis Protocol

Deposit on the Atlendis Protocol

From the Atlendis home page, lenders can click on the “Launch dApp” button in the upper right hand side of the page to be directed to app.atlendis.io and interact with the Atlendis protocol.

As a Lender wanting to get started and deposit funds, you must first connect your supported wallet using the “Connect Wallet” button. You should be connected to the Polygon network, if not you can accept the prompt from your wallet to switch networks to Polygon.

Now that your wallet has been connected, welcome to the Atlendis World!

The main menu is presented on the left hand side of the dApp’s front page and includes: 

  • Pools: this is an overview of all the pools open by different borrowers where you can deposit funds to be borrowed. 
  • My dashboard: this enables you to find all of your positions and you can see a range of metrics about your positions.
  • History: this shows the history of your own past transactions or actions taken within the dApp.
  • Docs: this links to the Atlendis documentation.
  • FAQ: this links to the frequently asked questions.

On the dashboard, Lenders can find the “Pools” tab where you can see all the open pools for whitelisted borrowers on Atlendis. You can sort pools by multiple assets and by the status of the pool using the filters.

Below are the pool cards. All of the pools where you can deposit will be shown according to the filters you choose, such as by asset, by status, etc. The pool card shows information including “Active APY,” “Passive APY,” “maturity of the loan,” “credit evaluation scoring of the borrower,” “status of the pool,” “TVL” and “credit limit.” 

You can hover over the question mark to get more details on the meaning of these terms. You can also click on “Borrower Details” to see more details about the borrower (such as their company logo, website and a short description).

Let’s make a first deposit together! 

First, choose the pool you would like to deposit into. Click “Deposit” and you arrive on the dedicated pool page.

On the top of the pool page, several tabs will allow you to take further actions within this pool that will be covered in further tutorials (like “withdraw,” “change rate,” or “sell position”) and you will also have access to the pool’s loan history (your personal history is visible from the “History” tab). 

At the top right using the “My Pools” button, you can see your active positions in pools where you have taken action and made a deposit. In this example, we have one position in the ZigZag USDC pool with a 2-month maturity.

The pool bar at the top shows the name of the pool, and the main metrics that you should know, as well as the “status” of the loan – each “status” has a dedicated color. Information about the “borrower” is also displayed (their credit score, a short description of the borrower, and information about the borrower, the borrow limit, pool utilization and maturity of the loan). 

When you are ready to lend, first go to “Select Your Interest Rate” and enter the interest rate at which you agree to lend your funds to the borrower. In the order book on your right, you will see an overview of the deposits that have already been made into this pool. You can hover over each bar to get more information. 

Next, under “Confirm & Deposit” you can see the balance in your wallet. You can click on “Max” to deposit the maximum available amount in your wallet, or enter an inferior amount manually. Once you have entered the desired amount, click “Deposit.”

When your transaction is successfully completed, a pop up will let you know. Congratulations! You have now deposited into the pool, and you can view your transaction on the block explorer by clicking the dedicated link in the pop-up message.

Please note that if you deposit when there is a loan ongoing in the pool, your deposit will be in a pending state, and included into the order book when the current loan ends.

You can now view your “position” (the deposit that you have just made) in “my dashboard” and in your “history.” If your deposit gets matched with the borrower, you will start earning interests on your loan position!

If you would like to be notified of every action that is taken in the pool by the borrower, you can subscribe to the dedicated Twitter bot. 

Additional Resources

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